Identifying HVAC Repair Points


HVAC repair and maintenance is a critical exercise, especially when the weather develop extreme temperatures. You need to be able to identify and deal with trouble when it arises in your air conditioning unit.


There is equipment whose main function is to detect refrigerant leaks in your unit, without the need to dismantle it entirely. You can do this at home by analyzing the levels of coolness your unit is producing. When it starts taking too long to produce cool air, chances are that there is a leak somewhere along the system. It is always advisable to call in an a/c repairman to check it out before doing anything major. 


The filters of your system need to be closely monitored. If dirt builds up in them, it can be detrimental to your health and produce poor quality air in your house. This is a common occurrence and one that necessitates regular swapping of these filters, to ensure optimum conditions. Consult your air conditioning contractor on the possibility and frequency of cleaning the system.


Since a lot of heat and moisture circulates within this unit, rust and mold tend to build up with time. HVAC repair and maintenance professionals normally suggest changing some parts of your system to sort out such problems. Rodents also infiltrate these systems, leaving their waste and clogging up the system. You can arrange for proper rodent elimination to sort this out, see what people are saying here!


When your unit's compressor is affected, the rest of the system will fail to function. If it is getting too old, it may fail to adequately circulate the required air. The a/c repair and maintenance crew will assess the situation and make the recommendation to either get it repaired or a new one installed. This may be costly, so prepare adequately.

If your compressor becomes noisy, chances are it is a simple mechanical issue, such as a loose fastener. Your HVAC quick service contractor will look at it and make the necessary adjustments. The refrigerant tubing may have come loose or is bent too close to the unit's frame, thus causing such noise. These repairmen will carefully realign such tubes and frames, to ensure the noise is cut out.  


You should arrange to have your air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis. This should especially be done before the hot season starts. This way, you will avoid having to suffer hot temperatures and unbearable living conditions as you wait for the repairmen to identify and solve the problem. If you want to learn more about HVAC, you can visit

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